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Enclosed Flare Systems

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Thermal Oxidizers

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Flare Systems for Industrial Applications

Over 100 years experience designing heavy industrial flare systems!

Open/Elevated Flare System Types

MRW Designs and manufactures the following elevated flare systems for all sizes and compositions of waste gas.
  • Air-Assisted Flare Systems
  • Steam-Assisted Flares
  • Gas-Assisted Flares
  • High-Pressure Flare Systems
  • Staged Flares - Multi-Tip Flares
  • Emergency Flares
  • Back-Up Flares
  • Industrial Flare Systems
  • Process Flare Systems
  • Utility Flares
  • Smokeless Flares
  • Ground Flares
  • Pipe Flares
  • Elevated Flares
  • Open Flares
MRW Flare Systems Meet ALL EPA Requirements

MRW open flare systems are guaranteed to meet EPA requirements for 40 CFR 60.18 and have a destruction removal efficiency (DRE) of 98%. If higher destruction is required, an enclosed flare system may be utilized if it is economically practical.

Our designs are based on experience with over 1,000 flare installations. MRW is a leader in flare system innovation and design, having supplied and installed successful, proven systems worldwide. From our use of modern structural and control techniques, to our proven flare tip and seal designs, MRW is committed to manufacturing the best flares built. We are able to accomplish this goal in part due to the following:

  • MRW believes in safety first. Our flare system designs adhere to the strictest of safety standards.
  • MRW Flare Tips are custom made and are of the highest quality.
  • MRW Flare Pilots are designed for years of reliable, continuous operation.
  • MRW proprietary Flame Retention Rings promote stable combustion and prevent lift-off at high exit velocities.
  • MRW Purge Seals are designed for maximum efficiency and low operating cost.
  • Prompt and reliable pilot ignition/monitoring systems allow for optimum performance of the flare systems.
  • Our experience and relentless pursuit to keep our customers happy are unmatched in the combustion and flare industries.

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