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Enclosed Waste Gas Flares

The principal engineers at MRW have experience with over 1,000 installations of waste gas flares. MRW designs enclosed flares for virtually any waste gas stream regardless of composition or flow rate of gases.

Waste Gas Flare Applications
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants - Biogas/Bio-gas Flares, Digester Gas Flares
  • Chemical Processing Industry (CPI) and Hydrocarbon Processing Plant Waste Gas Flares
  • Landfill Flare Systems
  • Tank Farm Waste Gas Flares
  • Oil and Gas Production Plant Flares
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Any application that calls for the control of VOCs, CO, BTEX, H2S, and most other types of waste gas

Enclosed Flare Features and Benefits
  • Cost Competitive - Capital, Operation, Maintenance
  • Skid Mounting allows for simple, low cost installation
  • VOC Destruction Efficiency is guaranteed up to 99.99%+
  • Hidden Flame
  • MRW Proprietary Flash-back resistant burners for waste gas flares that have waste gas in the explosive range
  • MRW uses a proprietary staged-combustion design that allows for superior mixing of waste gas, air, and fuel and minimizes NOx creation
  • MRW designed specialty burners and waste gas injection nozzles
  • MRW Proprietary pilot - Fast and Reliable Ignition
  • Exceptionally low CO
  • Exceptionally Low NOx - MRW can meet the most stringent requirements
  • Safe Design and Operation
  • Guaranteed DRE and Operation
  • Fully Integrated Burner Management System
  • Over 100 years experience designing waste gas enclosed flares and experience with over 1,000 installations worldwide

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