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Vapor Control Systems - Loading Terminal Flares

MRW Loading Terminal Flares Comply with Regulations

MRW terminal flares and vapor control systems meet US EPA Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) and Best Demonstrated Technology (BDT) for VOC and vapor control. All of our terminal flare systems meet the requirements for 40 CFR 60.18. MRW Marine Terminal vapor control systems are approved by the US Coast Guard and are guaranteed to comply with 33 CFR 154, and NVIC 1-96. MRW follows the strictest safety principles.

Vapor Control System Terminology

The phrases "Loading Terminal Flares", "Marketing Terminal Flares", and "Vapor Combustors" are used interchangeably. However, each term indicates the same type of vapor emission control systems. These types of flares are used for vapor emission control from facilities that have intermittent flows, vapors in the explosive range, and/or changes in composition such as chemical loading terminals, marketing terminals, storage tanks, tank farms, and gasoline loading terminals.

Over 100 years experience designing loading terminal vapor control systems

One of the cornerstones of MRW is our loading terminal flare experience. Our engineers have experience with over 1,000 flare installations. Loading Terminal Flares for vapor emission control is MRW's core business. If you need a loading terminal flare system, MRW is eager to work with you!

We have designed and built vapor combustors for chemical, petrochemical, gasoline, ethanol loadout flares (load-out), ethanol production, marine terminals, and many other types of loading facilities and marketing terminals. Put in simple terms, there is not another company that has more experience with loading terminal flares than MRW. Sophisticated or simple, large or small, we will provide exactly what you need.

Key Features and Benefits of MRW Loading Terminal Vapor Control Systems
  • Cost competitive - capital, installation, and operation
  • MRW Loading Terminal Vapor Control Systems are designed to safely handle intermittent and varying flow rates, explosive vapors, pressure drop, and severe vapor composition changes.
  • Low maintenance costs. Very small number of moving parts.
  • Reliable. Little downtime.
  • Proprietary MRW designed Anti-flashback burners and pilots.
  • Safe design and operation.
  • VOC destruction is guaranteed 98% for Open Flares and up to 99.99%+ for Enclosed Terminal Flares.
  • MRW can meet the most stringent requirements from the EPA and US Coast Guard regulations.
  • Proprietary MRW pilots = fast and reliable ignition.
  • Fully integrated controls and burner management system.
  • Interlocking capability to loading rack.
  • Proprietary MRW "open" vapor combustor flare design allows for competitive prices.
  • Over 100 years experience designing vapor control systems.

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