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Thermal Oxidizers and Oxidation Systems

Types of Systems
  • Direct-fired thermal oxidizers (no heat recovery boiler or heat exchanger)
  • Horizontal, Vertical up-fired or down-fired thermal oxidizers
  • Fume Incinerators
  • Heat exchanger options - waste heat boilers, heat exchangers, or secondary heat recovery
  • Tail gas incinerators

Thermal Oxidizer Experience

MRW manufactures heavy industrial thermal oxidizers, fume incinerators, and combustion equipment for customers who value technologically sound and robust equipment. MRW engineers have experience with over 1,000 combustion system installations (thermal oxidizers and flares).

MRW uses specialty burners that are intended for advanced combustion applications in thermal oxidizers and fume incinerators. Unlike many thermal oxidizer manufacturers, we do not use off the shelf or packaged burners from standard burner suppliers. This allows MRW to reach performance standards for CO, NOx, VOC Destruction Efficiency, Fuel Efficiency, and reliability that are beyond the reach of most thermal oxidizer companies.

And, because we build our own burners, MRW is very competitive in cost conscious applications and we are proficient at meeting accelerated deliveries.

MRW thermal oxidizers are generally custom sized for each application depending upon type and amount of VOCs, regulatory requirements, VOC Destruction Efficiency, CO Destruction, NOx requirements, temperature requirements, combustor shape, amount of oxygen, available real-estate, and many other factors. However, we realize some applications are quite simple and provide standard designs when needed.

Key Features and Benefits of MRW Thermal Oxidation Systems
  • MRW designs our own proprietary Low NOx burners, combustors, and pilots based on more than 30 years experience by each of our principals.
  • Because MRW designs its own burners and uses specialized manufacturers, we are able to meet performance standards only a few companies can meet.
  • MRW designs technically sound oxidizers and fume incinerators while keeping our costs competitive.
  • Guaranteed up to 99.99% DRE on VOC and CO. NOx guarantees as low as .04 lb per mmbtu or less.
  • MRW utilizes proprietary waste gas injection nozzles and nozzle configuration design that allows for superior mixing of waste gas and unusually low NOx combustion.
  • Our thermal oxidation systems can be designed for very dilute (low heating value) waste streams to exothermic waste streams (high heating value needing no fuel gas).
  • Heat Recovery Systems - Steam Generation (HRSG/WHB), Heat Exchangers/Air Pre-heaters, Power Generation.

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